Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Riots and atrocities on Hindus- July2012

Green Islamist atrocities on Hindus in their own nation 
 (Invaders, murderers and fanatic ruling Bharat under Congress)

Month- July 2012
Total deaths- 29
Financial loss- in Crores

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  1. Arabs are smart and they have found a great way to destroy a community, town , village state and nation.
    Send mullahs and money to convert first poor , uneducated and criminals to their faith. Teach them toHate and kill using the book as command.
    Now they own these converts and got th elation without sending arms and soldiers .They are laughing all th away. Converts using local resources have become their slave without knowing as they were not educated and educated just watched happening and did nothing to stop. Time is now stop doing business with converts ,isolate them take away the local rights as they are not loyal to local laws, Wake up.