Sunday, 26 February 2012

Who will wipe out tears of 59 Hindu families? #PaidMedia or SEKHular Govt?

GODHRA....turned into massacre city for Hindus

गोधरा में "मुस्लिम आतंक" के हाथो शहीद हुए ५९ राम भक्त कारसेवको(महिलायें भी) मेरा शत शत नमन. जय श्री राम. 
These were few JIHADEES part of a big group who planned GODHRA RIOT.
How many Media Channels went to meet Karsevak's families who ask about their human rights & financial status?

Charred bodies of 59 Hindu passengers lie in a train in Godhra.

Gujrat CM Shri Narendra Modi Ji on site! 
Godhra-27 Feb.2002
It is very easy to kill HINDUS in this country...they are paying for being 82% population.
Mission Jihad supported by few Indian soil borne terrorists...

Sabarmati Express...Named by Gandhi's work place Sabarmati.
Last train to Godhra for 59 Hindus Karyakatas.
Bogi no.6

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